Tuesday, 12 August 2014

GBBO - Week One - Swiss Roll

So Great British Bake Off was on our screens again last week - hurrah!  I am again going to try and bake something GBBO inspired every week, fingers crossed I can keep up.

Week One's signature bake was a Swiss Roll - as the number of series increase I find this concept of the signature bake more bizarre, does the name not mean that this is one of the contestants 'go to' recipes rather than the creation of something spectacular to impress the judges?  As I have never baked a Swiss Roll, first challenge was to find a recipe in one of my many cook books - after a bit of looking I found a recipe in James Martin's Desserts book.  A rather good collection of pudding recipes, that I have made quite a few from (roasted crab apples being rather delicious).

I didn't have a Swiss Roll tin, so just used an ordinary baking tray which fitted the measurements given. As i tend to get my ingredients out as I bake, I only realised half way through that although I had 3 bags of SR Flour, I had no plain flour.  A quick run to the shops didn't seem to harm my egg and sugar mixture.  With only 10 minutes needed in the oven, I almost didn't have time to drink my cuppa!
Swiss Roll Cooling
James Martin states that you should let your sponge cool on a caster sugar covered piece of greaseproof paper on top of a damp tea towel - all rolling is done when the sponge is cold.  As I was making this for the first time I thought I better follow instructions, although I really wanted to roll whilst it was warm.  Once cool I layered up seedless raspberry jam and cream, before rolling and leaving tucked up in a new piece of greaseproof paper over night in the fridge.

Layering up with Jam and Cream

Rather pleased with the outcome and the fact I got it to swirl nicely . . . next time I think I am going to experiment with a nutella filling or maybe home-made Arctic roll :)

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