Monday, 7 July 2014

June's Garment - Holiday Shorts

I decided that I wanted a bit of a challenge for June - so thought that making a pair of shorts would be suitably challenging (zip fly, button hole, pockets).  I found this Burda pattern for ladies shorts and from looking at the photo thought that I would be making the knee length view as the shorter version looked too short for my pasty legs.  However, one evening with the inclination to start a new project and the fact that I hadn't bought my chosen linen for these shorts, I decided to cut out a pair from some fab ikea fabric that I had left.  As I didn't have that much left and I wanted to have the birds in particular places, I had to cut the short view.

The instructions weren't as detailed as I would have liked - especially after the support and instructions of my Sew Over It tea dress - I had to read some of theses steps more than twice and there was a fair amount of unpicking to get things right!  I also learnt how to use the button hole feature on my machine - I really don't know what I've been avoiding it for, as the process was very simple and the machine did everything for me.

I added some extra appliqué birds in  a couple of places, as I didn't think there were enough.  I also used a contrast colour for the waistband and pockets, which I was really pleased with.  At one point I was going to have the contrast colour on the turn ups, but glad I decided against this, as I think it would have looked a bit odd.

This was technically curtain fabric, but they make a comfy pair of shorts - I'll be on the look out to add to my fabric stash next time I'm in ikea :)