Thursday, 8 May 2014

Pill Box Hat and Clutch Bag

So after making my fabulous pink shift dress in March, I decided it would be perfect for a wedding we were attending in April.  However, this meant that needed a hat and a bag to transform it into a wedding guest worthy outfit.  After much searching and exclaiming 'how much' rather too often, I decided that I could make my own pill box hat.  Explaining my ideas to my Grandma of how I was going to cut up a Cart D'or ice cream tub, she disappeared and returned with a beautiful Camembert box, that she had 'saved just in case'.  it was the perfect size!

I covered the box with some thin foam, so that I would be able to sew things to the hat base.  Then I covered the box with some navy fabric, before lining the inside with pink.  The glue gun was my friend here - stitching was going to be just too fiddly.  I used double-sided tape to attached the ribbon round the edges (definitely not a Sewing Bee worthy hat!) and then I glue-gunned on some silk flowers (of which I have a HUGE bag of left over from our wedding table decorations . . . I'm sure they will pop up in makes for many years to come).

I had bought two lengths of 'hat netting' (not sure what its proper name is) off eBay, pink and navy, as I wasn't sure which would look best.  I went with the pink netting and spent a while pinning it in different ways on to the hat until I was happy with it.  The I used small stitches to fix it in place.  The hat is held on the head with a piece of elastic that goes round the back of my head and is just about covered by my hair. I was rather pleased with my creation, especially as I spent a grand total of £9 for the netting and that was it - a much more reasonable price than I had found with 'ready made' fascinators.

The clutch bag that I made to match was the same pattern that I had used for my bridesmaids clutch bags.  I still had plenty of the 'soft but stable' stuff that really makes the bag look professional and the fabric was already in my stash.  All I needed to buy was some navy thread and decide how I was going to accesorise the bag.  After a bit of playing around (at one point there was going to be many more flowers on the bag) I decided on a simple addition of ribbon and one flower to match the hat.

I thought I had a navy cardigan that I could wear to complete the outfit, but after putting it alongside the dress it looked very faded, so a new navy cardi purchase was in order.  After a bit of searching I found the perfect addition in Monsoon to complete my outfit.


  1. Fabulous! You're very creative x

    1. Thanks :) I was please that the hat turned out how I had envisioned it! x