Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Bonus May & June Garment - Sew Mag Drape Top

This top certainly wasn't planned and if I had stuck to my April's resolution it shouldn't have even happened! In April, I decided that as crafty magazines are so very expensive, that instead of treating myself to the occasional magazine I would instead buy a crafty book from Amazon that was probably the same price as a magazine (I bought The Meringue Girls and have made this rather scrummy afternoon treat!).  However, I hadn't taken into consideration that joyful notion of perusing and buying on impulse a new magazine (I am especially swayed by 'freebies' on the front cover!)

Last week in Sainsbury's I went to do a quick shop for essentials but 'happened' to have a quick peek at the magazines and really couldn't resist the latest Sew magazine.  It had a cute free pattern for dolls and also I really fancied making the top on the front cover, so breaking my own new rule I bought it (I think I will also buy next month's as the 60s inspired dress pattern that comes free with it looks like my cup of tea).

I was determined not to spend (too much) money on making the top and found some lovely material I had bought on our trip to Chester a couple of months ago.  The only problem being that it was rather see through and I didn't have anything to line it with.  So I bought 1 metre of pale yellow cotton, in hindsight it's probably a bit too heavy a fabric and maybe I should of bought lining instead, but I didn't want a synthetic material underneath.

There is only one size to the pattern and I wasn't convinced it was going to fit, especially the back piece, as I thought it might gape.  The fit however is lovely (I'm a 8-10 size on top, so you would have to grade this pattern up if you wanted to make a bigger size), although I may add an inch to the bottom of the top if I make it again.  But that's probably as I prefer longer tops.  The instructions are clear and I made the top in a few hours - Having the two fabrics didn't help matters as I had to tack the pieces together so that it would sit nicely together.  The top fabrics frayed terribly, so it was probably a good thing I had the cotton underneath as there was something for the zig-zag stitch I did around the edges of every piece to hold on to!

I really should be getting on with my April knitting project and also the real project of May, which is a 1940s inspired Tea Dress that I am planning to wear to a wedding at the end of June!  I better get sewing.

I worked from my mum's last Friday, so I could dog sit her pooch, on the way I passed (okay maybe took a little detour) the amazing fabric shop in Birmingham called Barry's.  After finding the material that was on my list - I had a quick glance at their Crepe & Georgette fabric pile and picked up a metre of this beautiful blue and red pansy print - at £3.95 a metre I couldn't resist!

A couple of hours sewing on Sunday morning meant I had a new top - this one was certainly much quicker as I didn't have to line it and it has a lovely drape to the fabric. I didn't use all of my fabric, so have more than enough left over to make the 'Bridgitte Scarf' project in Tilly Walne's new book Love at First Stitch  that has just arrived on my door mat :)

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