Sunday, 18 May 2014

Baking Round Up

For my Easter cupcakes this year, I made chocolate cupcakes with a concealed mini creme egg inside that were fab and worked really well.  My husband had the crazy idea that we could upscale this to a big cake with normal sized creme eggs . . . so when we had 6 creme eggs left over, it seemed like a good idea to have a go.
I used exactly the same recipe as last time and also froze the creme eggs over night.  The cake took rather longer to bake than the cupcakes and I nearly under-baked it as I was worried about the creme eggs.  After a few minutes cooling I decided to pop it back in the oven as the middle was still rather raw.  Thankfully this didn't upset the bake too much and I didn't get a sunken middle.  I decided that chocolate icing was a better option for the big cake and then topped with chocolate sprinkles.

Well, apart from having a (major) grump after getting it out of the oven, as I was presented with this awesome cake on instagram and suddenly mine seemed rather insignificant, I resisted the urge to chuck my cake!  When we cut into the cake later on, it had partially worked.  The creme eggs had, as you would expect, sunk to the bottom, but they were largely intact.  However, when eating it seemed that normal sized creme eggs can't really survive being baked and the fondant had almost caramelised.

I also baked 'Earl Grey Cupcakes' from the GBBO book 'How to Bake'  for the non-chocolate cake fans.  These are delicious cupcakes and you add the taste of earl grey tea by brewing your tea bag in milk that is added to the mixture.  Perfectly topped off with lemon butter-cream icing too!  

With two different cakes, it was an ideal opportunity to get out the 'tea party' boxes and put some of my stuff into action. I even put some bunting up in the garden :)

Last weekend I got a new recipe book (my failed attempt at not buying crafty magazines by treating myself to something out of my amazon basket - it seems I still can't resist an interesting looking mag) 'The Meringue Girls'. After having a look through I settled on the Cookie Dough Meringue Slice.  I even managed to find some of the recommended egg whites 'Two Chicks' in my local Sainsburys (next to the pastry and butter in the fridge).  Reading through the recipe I quickly became unstuck, the ingredients list clearly only has caster sugar in, but the method talks about caster sugar and brown soft sugar.  It really amazes me when there are such basic mistakes in a cook book - surely at least the ingredients and method are checked through before publication?

After a quick google search I found out the missing quantity of brown sugar was 100g, so I could proceed.  I'm not sure whether I melted my butter too much, but it definitely didn't cream into the sugar as the recipe suggested.  Nor was my mixture 'crumbley' when I took it out of the mixture and tipped it onto the baking tray.  I think next time I will not melt the butter, and maybe cut down on the sugar, as it was very sweet.  The meringue topping is going to take a bit of getting used to making, as I nearly scrambled my egg whites whisking in the hot sugar.  I think next time I will peak the meringue topping rather than laying on a piece of greaseproof paper.  

The book is rather yummy looking and I look forward to making more recipes.  There is even a section at the end with recipes to used up those left over egg whites! I just need an occasion to have a go at the Meringue Kisses tower.


  1. Oooo those cakes look absolutely scrumptious. I bet they don't last long. xxxx

    1. Thanks Melanie - nope the tins never seem to stay full for long enough! xx

  2. I'm definitely going to give the cupcakes a try. Everything looks so yummy!