Friday, 30 May 2014

April's Garment: Bette Top with Keyhole Neckline

April's garment was another top out of the fab Knit Vintage book.  Because of my experience of knitting January's garment, I decided to check with the publishers before I started knitting that there weren't any mistakes in the pattern before I started; with the pdf I was sent, comparing it to the book it seems to all match up!  As I knew this project was going to take me longer than a month to complete, I may have started knitting back in February . . . it's 4 ply wool (Stylecraft - beautiful wool that doesn't cost a fortune, I am amazed at how soft it knits up) so I knew it was going to take me a while.  I was right, and now at the end of May I am still knitting.

I currently have the front, back and one sleeve.  Once I finish the second sleeve, I then have to block everything to allow the lace pattern detail to look its best.  Any pointers on good blocking practice or any blog tutorials would be most welcome.  Once I've blocked it, I then need to stitch it together and pick up many many stitches to add the cuffs and neck band.

Fingers crossed it will fit.  When I started knitting on the recommended needles (2.25mm) it just looked far too small, so I frogged it and started again on 3mm going up to 3.25mm and it seems to look okay.  I was glad to find out that the back piece didn't have the complicated lace sections - although I am amazed at how something that looks complicated on paper, even I started to remember the stitches after knitting for a while.  It has a 10 row pattern repeat, so enough to help it grow quickly, but also not too many rows in a pattern repeat to take forever.

I shall keep knitting and keep you all updated .. .

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