Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Easter Baking

I hope you all had a lovely Easter weekend - we spent the weekend in North Wales, where it was beautifully sunny if not a bit windy.  We did the British thing of having a picnic on the beach even though it was slightly too cold to be sat there!  It seems that my husband now expects some sort of Creme Egg themed baking for the Easter weekend - last year I made Creme Egg Rocky Road, which were scrummy.  This year I stumbled across a new blog: Taming Twins, and found the most amazing idea for Easter Cupcakes.  Chocolate cupcakes with a whole mini Creme Egg hidden inside!

The trick it seems is that you have to freeze the creme eggs before hand - I unwrapped mine and put them in a tubberware box to freeze, so that I wouldn't have to handle the frozen eggs too much.  I also made a huge discovery about my Kmix - there is a creaming paddle for a reason - it was AMAZING, and created the correct consistency and I shall be using it in future!  After making lots of American style cakes recently - it was nice to have a bowl full of cake mixture that didn't pour into the cupcake cases.  Trust the recipe, I nearly doubled my mixture, as I thought it didn't look like enough, but it is the perfect amount.  My cupcakes only took 15 minutes (I think I need to invest in an oven thermometer, as I've yet to bake a good cake in this oven).

The icing was spot on too (even a bit left over to have the necessary taste test).  Although next time, I think I would make slightly less of the yellow, as it merged into the cream icing and there wasn't a clear divide between the two colours.  They were a great success over the Easter Weekend and I'm looking forward to having the last one with my cuppa this afternoon.

The other obligatory Easter bake are Easter Nests.  Although ours were a bit too 'healthy' this year, as I think I put one too many Shredded Wheat into the melted chocolate!  Still delicious though and I found some little pastel chicks in Home Bargains that looked fab.

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  1. I made shredded wheat nests with chocolate and little chicks on top as well - it seems to be tradition!