Thursday, 9 January 2014

Christmas Round Up 2013

Christmas seems like ages ago - especially as both my husband and I have birthdays in the two weeks following Christmas!  There were a number of Christmassy crafts that I managed to squeeze in during the Christmas period.

Fingerprint Christmas Cards
As our Christmas Card list topped 50 this year, I wanted to find a quick and simple card design.  After searching for fingerprint ideas, I found a lovely idea of making them into fairy lights.  I had them all finished within an afternoon, which was a bonus!

3D Bell Gingerbread
The idea for the Christmas Gingerbread was decided upon last Christmas - and the cutter had been sitting in my amazon basket all year.  The cutters aren't the most robust and could easily be squashed out of shape.  However, the result was okay - and I got better as more batches were made.  Again, I used Smitten Kitchen's Gingerbread recipe, as this makes the yummiest gingerbread that is packed full of spices.  I iced the individual biscuits before the bells were constructed and used thick curling ribbon to thread the biscuits together.  I bagged each bell up into plain bags, tied up with Christmassy butchers twine.  Now just have to find a new idea for Christmas 2014 . . .

Chocolate Orange Steam Pud
I'm not a fan of Christmas Pudding, so thought I'd find a replacement for Christmas Day.  I came across a recipe for a Chocolate Orange and Date Steam Pudding that looked stunning - so I just had to try it.  The oranges were candied before using them to line the basin before the chocolate pud mix was added.  It then steamed whilst we ate Christmas Dinner.  As an added bonus - we got given an indoor dessert fountain - it was huge (and tested the smoke alarm as it went out!)

Mince Pies
I used the fabulous recipe for orange pastry that I found last year for my mince pies again - I wholly recommend it!  I also got to use my Cath Kidston Christmas Tins I found in a Summer Sale :)

Christmas Tree Skirt
As much as I would LOVE a real Christmas tree, it's just not practical at the moment - so I have to make do with our fairly real looking tree from IKEA.  In order to make it look even more real, I decided that this year it needed a skirt.  I bought a Christmas fabric bundle from the fabulous Plush Addict website that I have recently stumbled across.  After making a paper template I cut out the different sections and got sewing.  I think I need to get some buttons to fasten up the opening, but that will have to wait till next Christmas!

That's it for Christmas 2013 - already started planning the Christmas Crafts and Bakes for 2014 :)


  1. Some beautiful items there, the fabrics for the tree skirt are beautiful x

    1. Thanks! I've got plenty left over - so thinking of some Christmas crafts for this year - maybe free machine embroidery cards . . .

  2. Such cute cards, I've made thumbprint robins in the past, but had never thought of fairy lights!