Friday, 6 December 2013

Other Wedding Hand Crafted Items Part 1

Just in case people are getting bored with the wedding theme - I thought I'd do a quick run down of all the additional hand crafted items at our wedding.  This post concentrates on the decorations that we had.

Order of Service
As we had a civil ceremony, we didn't really need an order of service, but wanted something for our guests.  So Peter made an order of service that contained key information, the origins of wedding traditions and facts about us.

UP House
We had the music 'married life' from Disney Pixar's movie UP and wanted to have an UP theme throughout, so we thought having an UP house on the registrars table would be a nice touch.  Then we discovered you can buy helium in hobbycraft - after lengthy discussions (and finding an online equation) we decided that we needed too many balloons to get the house to float!  The house was made from a template we found online and various friends helped me to assemble the balloons before the evening reception.  We loved the result :)

Fingerprint Guest Picture
This inspired our fingerprint guest picture - we bought some proper mounting card and cut it down to A3 size.  After a fair bit of practice sketching I drew on the house in pen and an outline of the balloon in pencil.  We had bought a pink and turquoise ink pads for our guests to add their fingerprint 'balloon' and sign it.  Once home, I rubbed out the pencil guidelines, added our fingerprints and encased in a frame. 

Table Decorations
The table decorations were to add a bit of colour to the tables, but we didn't want them to be in the way of our guests having conversations.  I collected 30 glass ice cream dishes from charity shops up and down the country.  Then we added some floristry beads (the ones that swell up in water - cheap and cheerful from eBay).  Because of the time of year and to help save the pennies all our flowers were fake - we bought over 30 stems of pink flowers from Ikea and cut them down to fit in the glass dishes - after being sprayed in pink glitter. 

Table Names
Our Table Name vases were also an Ikea concoction - conical vase filled with blue sand and pink petals with a photo frame stuck in the top.  Our tables were named after Lunar Society Members, as we met whilst working at Soho House Museum (home of Matthew Boulton, one of the founding members.)

Confetti Cones

We bought our confetti from Shropshire Petals (they have the best tag line 'we grow, you throw') - I went to visit the farm where they grow the flowers and got to choose from the many different petals and colours.  So that people could hold on to the confetti, I made some small confetti cones out of a semi circle of colour paper with half a doily stuck on top.  A covered cereal box with holes in acted as a good stand.  Although a bit of an extravagance, it was worth it for the confetti shots!

Quality Street Sweetie Jars
I really wanted to have a Sweetie Table at our evening reception (truth be told I really wanted a candy floss cart) but once you start pricing things up they get rather expensive.  However, we had a brain wave - with the wedding being at the beginning of November, it is usually in October that supermarkets have very good deals on the Christmas Chocolate tubs.  So we decided on Quality Street, as they are my favourites and bold bright wrapping.  We nearly hit another stumbling block with finding affordable jars, needing 12 I didn't want to spend a fortune.  Thankfully, Home Bargains came to the rescue and I found some glass jars for 79p a piece, with ribbon and label they certainly looked the part!  The labels were made from luggage labels with a 'fake' Quality Street stuck on - safe to say there was a small amount of product testing!

Table Plan
The table plan took inspiration from the Place Names and enabled us to use some of the stickers within a Lego Minifigure Sticker Book, a bargain we had picked up from The Works.

Individual Place Names
This was one of our favourite ideas and longest project for the wedding.  Even before we had got engaged, Peter had the idea that having a minifigure holding a flag would make a cool place name.  So the first thing we bought for the wedding after we got engaged was the first batch of minifigures.  For those of you not familiar, Lego issue a new series once every few months with a different 16 minifigures.  There is no way of knowing what you are going to get - so many hours were spent feeling up the little bags trying to work out what they contained - we did get rather skilled by the end!  Each minifigure comes with a black base, which we sprayed pink or turquoise.  Then we made all the flags, for those minifigures with their hands full, Peter drilled a small hole in the base to add the flag.  Safe to say, this was the most involved project, as we were determined to have unique minifigures for everyone - however, it is probably the most missed project of the wedding and seeing 60 minifigures lined up with their flags was rather cool, I'm sure the odd minifigure will still jump into our weekly shop every now and again.  They also doubled as 'favours' and we got a small bag for each minifigure to be taken home.

We took our minifigures with us on our Honeymoon to Paris - they enjoyed it too!

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Wedding Dress Part 3

So despite a last minute trawl of haberdasheries to match some gold trim (didn't manage to find any) I finished my wedding dress on time.  I bought the vintage pattern ages ago - before we even got engaged (although I did ask permission to buy it first).  The pattern was complete and although some pieces had been cut out at some point, it was in good condition.  I thought that it would be perfect:

Simplicity 1461

However, once I had made up a practice version and tried it on - I wasn't too keen and thought that the neck line and shoulders didn't really suit (so not very keen, that I don't seem to have a photo!).  So out came the pattern drafting books and I created a new top section of the pattern - with a sweet heart neck line and then shoulder straps. 

After a mini practice, this seemed like a much better shape :)

The construction of the dress was detailed in Part 1 and Part 2.  So I will pick up where they left off - using some cord I made my own button loops, by sewing in a continuous 'S' shape to make enough loops to the corresponding buttons. As this was attached to a piece of ribbon I could then insert it between the lining and the dress fabric.  Then I had the job of sewing on all the buttons (28 - who thought that was a good idea!)

I also bought some lace from a fabulous etsy shop (although be careful with UK import taxes, only items under £15 value get through without an additional charge!) - always a risk trying to match colours via the computer screen, but my hunch proved right and they matched perfectly.  After playing about with different locations of the lace, I decided on edging the top and down one side at the back, and also across the straps.  This addition really finished off my dress - I also added some gold ric rac along the edge of the skirt just to give the skirt a bit of sparkle. 

To make the skirt stick out, I bought a petticoat, which my mum edged in pink to match the lining.  And we also had pink wellington boots to match - Which were a good foresight, as we had a bit of a soggy day in parts!