Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Smitten Kitchen Strawberry Popsicles

Over the Summer the Smitten Kitchen website had a bit of a popsicle week - of which all looked delicious.  However, I had a problem in that I didn't own a popsicle mould and the one I'd seen on Amazon was just a bit too expensive for an impulse buy (drifting over the £25 mark!) So when I saw some in Ikea for a couple of pounds they where added to our basket.

With a punnet of strawberries in the fridge that were slightly squishy, I thought that I'd have a go at the Strawberry Lime and Black Pepper popsicles.  As I only had half the strawberries required, I halved the recipe and this seemed to work very well and filled all 6 of my popsicle moulds. 

The smell was divine whilst simmering down the mixture and the colour amazing! After they had frozen I wriggled one out of the mould - they were delicious and the black pepper really went well with the strawberries.  Whilst the sun is still shining go and make popsicles :)

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