Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Bramble Jelly

In our communal garden we have three apple trees and unkempt boarders full of brambles - this year I was determined to make use of this bounty as we moved in too late last year.  I wanted to make a Jam with both the blackberries and apples, but wasn't too keen on all the pips and chunks that a jam would have in it - after a bit of searching I stumbled across this fab recipe for a jelly - problem solved. 

With the aid of a very tall brother, I collected just over a 1kg of blackberries.  To this I added approx. 400g of apples, cored but with their skins left on (I think this is where the pectin for this jelly comes from).  I added enough water to cover the fruit and simmer until very soft and the apples had practically dissolved.

The recipe then tells you to sieve the mixture to remove the pips and skins, stating that you will be left with a pulp - mine was definitely a liquid rather than a pulp.  I then started to bring to the boil and boiled for the required 8-10 minutes.  However, after testing with the cold plate from the fridge, it was apparent the jelly was no where near set.  So I kept going until I got wrinkles on the teaspoon of jelly I put on the cold plate - this took at least another 30 minutes. 

I then ladled into my jars which had had a blast in the oven (using a new jam funnel - amazing, hardly any jam splattered round the kitchen!)

After leaving overnight, I could label and prettify my jars with my Cath Kidston Jam kit my Aunty bought me for my last birthday.  Looking forward to making the next lot when enough Blackberries have ripened.

Well it certainly passed the crumpet test and thankfully I hadn't over boiled it!

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