Monday, 23 September 2013

Baby Girl Knitted Dress

The last time I wrote a blog post about 'baby knitting' and bemoaned the fact I had no more babies to knit for, a friend emailed me to say I could knit something for her as she was expecting!  This is the result - my favourite baby knit so far - a summer dress.

Again, I knitted the One Year Old size, as I figure that new mums are given loads of new born clothes and that it is nice to have something to put away and look forward too, rather than grow out of quickly.  This cute dress is a free pattern off Ravelry - I love the detailing on the top.  I originally started to knit this in a beautifully soft purple shimmery yarn, but I just couldn't get the tension correct, so I frogged the lot and started again with a firmer yarn in a summery orange.  This time the knit was a lot easier and I could see the pattern emerging - there are a few mistakes in the top, but I was pleased with the overall effect of the leaves at the top of the dress.  This yarn was also more robust and can be chucked in the washing machine - which I assume is a very welcome quality! It was knitted in the round on circular needles from the top down.

Back with button detail
I will certainly put this on my knit again list.  Just have to await some more babies before I can legitimately knit baby things again.  Although I did pick up some great Jean Greenhowe's knitting patterns in a local charity shop the other week :)

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