Monday, 29 July 2013

Save the Date and Wedding Invites

We saw our 'Save the Date' cards and Wedding Invites as a way of subtly highlighting aspects of our theme.  We wanted to create our own and didn't want to buy them 'off the shelf'.  Although similar, we approached the two cards slightly differently.

The Save the Date cards, we had printed as postcards by a great online company called - we took the photograph of a Lego mermaid in front of a pretty greetings card we had picked up from Portmeirion holding a flag that name the date.  The mermaid was chosen as the logo of Portmeirion is a mermaid and she looked rather fetching in front of the scene.  For the information on the reverse of the postcard I wrote a short poem which gave clues as to where the wedding was taking place - although it wasn't explicitly revealed at this point!

For the Wedding Invites we decided to go for the more hand-constructed look.  On a very sunny day in June, Peter created a small 'white box' to take a picture of a Lego Bride and Groom on a white background.  This was so that we could print out onto photo paper and then carefully cut out the individual figures - after a bit of tweaking we got he perfect picture and then it was just up to me and a tiny pair of sharp scissors!

We had already bought the Portmeirion gift shop out of the pretty greetings cards which would act as our base.  As luck would have it they were exactly half of an A4 so creating the inserts wasn't as tricky as we thought it might be.

After creating all the individual parts, we just had to assemble them.  The final flourish was a specially created QR code sticker to place on the back of the invite to take guests straight to our website.  I also worked out how to mail merge in order to print out the envelopes :)