Sunday, 16 June 2013

Colour Me Pretty Instagram Swap

Catching up with my long list of blog posts to write - A few weeks (maybe months!) ago I took part in another Instagram swap.  This time the theme was 'Colour Me Pretty' and you had to stipulate what colours you would like your swap presents to be in.  This was a circle swap, so I put together a parcel for one person and received from another.

I was given the details of Natasha (who has this fab wooden toys website and blogs here) and colours of turquoise, light pink and light purple.  After a bit of poking around on her blog and stalking her instgram feed I decided to make some items she could use when quilting (one day I will make a quilt).  I made a cupcake pin cushion, which was simple to put togther and a 'how to' blog post is in construction, also I made a matching needle/pin booklet.  As everyone love a cup of tea I knitted a tea cosy, rather proud of my crochet edging, I may just have begun to crack it.  As well as these home made goodies, I added a packet of mini love hearts, a punch and post it set and then some packets of seeds.  They were well received and I will have to make a cupcake pin cushion for myself as I was sad to see it go!

My parcel came from Laura of Sparkle Accessories and I think if memory serves me correctly I had colours of turquoise and pink.  I got some hand made jewellery and a brooch which now lives on my summer coat.  The glass vase went straight on the mantle-piece and currently has a snap dragon in it.  The tin is the perfect size for keeping my sewing thread in, with plenty of room for further collection.  Still yet to decide what to use the note book for, but I'm sure I will find a use for it before too long.

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