Thursday, 9 May 2013

Wedding Dress Part 1

So we've passed the six month point before our wedding in November and my dress is still consists of a pattern and a pile of neatly folded fabric.  I really want to blog about making my dress, however I also want to keep it a surprise for the wedding guests - so pictures will be fairly non-revealing and may be few in number.  I will post an 'after the wedding' post with lots of photos though :)

I'm working with a vintage pattern from the 1950s which is in my size! I bought it off eBay a year or so ago and definitely paid more the original 3 shilling price tag.  First job was to cut the pattern pieces out - thankfully most of this had already been done for me.  Although I have my fabric (a bargain of a find from Birmingham Indoor Market for £3 a metre!!) I decided that for the first time in my life it would be a good idea to make a voile first.  So I picked up some lining fabric from Ikea and yesterday spent a couple of hours pining and cutting.

As this was the 'practice' dress it has meant that I've been able to draw the darts on in red crayon to aid the sewing process (going to have to get a washable pen for the real thing or resort to bits of thread sewn in).  I then had time to sew up the front four pieces before PB got home (we live in a very small house with no space to have my sewing things out of view - this is definitely a 'when he is out' project!)  Holding the dress front up to myself, I think I going to have to make my first unpickings - the huge 5/8 inch seem allowance has made the dress tiny and definitely not going to fit.  I'm hoping that once the seems are let out the bust darts will be in the right place, as at the moment they are far too high.

I really should finish my tailors dummy that I made (with the help of PB) out of duct tape - all that it needs is for me to fill it with expanding foam.  However, as we don't have any windows that open, this is an outside job - the neighbours are going to think I am even more of a nutter, when I set up in our shared courtyard!!