Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Yoga Socks!

So I haven't quite plucked up enough courage to have a go at knitting 'full' socks yet, but I did find this pattern for yoga socks on Ravelry, which I thought would be  a good place to start!  They do not have a heel or toes, (which I guess is the hardest part  the bit that scares me the most!) and knitted up on double pointed needles.  I knitted them up for my best friend's birthday.

I chose some lovely soft wool in cream and began to knit - the pattern, although looks complicated was fairly simple once I'd got the hang of it. I only had to unpick a few rows once!! Hurrah - making progress - usually there is two or three complete unravelling with a new knit.  There was one point when my friend was only going to be getting one sock - having accomplished one, it took a bit to find the motivation to knit the second - always the way with pairs of knitted things :)

Although I'm rather impressed with them - in terms of my knitting accomplishment - I'm not sure how practical they will actually be, or if there is a need for socks to do yoga in??

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