Thursday, 18 April 2013

The Shark and the Crab

This shark hat started out as a Christmas present for my brother; however, things got very busy over Christmas, partly due to the huge amounts of baking that I competed, so the hat stayed half compete in my knitting bag. My brother and his girlfriend moved out to Canada a month ago, so I wanted to give them something homemade as a going away present.  Time to compete the shark and find an equally bonkers hat for his girlfriend - thankfully I'd spied the crab cloche in issue 20 of Mollie Makes, which I thought would be perfect.

The shark hat was a free pattern on Ravelry and I did have a few issues with knitting it up - I ran out of wool at the very end and also got a bit confused with the pattern. So the mouth finishing was my interpretation of the instructions and I left out the ear flaps as I decided that I didn't need them.  The hat is huge and I may have added some extra rows somehow! Nevertheless my brother liked it and it suited him rather well!

The crab cloche pattern was easier to follow and knitted up very quickly. I steam blocked the hat before I added the claws to stop it rolling at the edges.  The claws were added slightly forward of the centre, as I thought this was the best look - spent ages in front of the mirror pinning the claws on before I was happy! I found some 'eye' buttons in my local House of Fraser that were perfectly sized. As a bonus I only used half the ball of wool, so I can make another one - or maybe I should turn it into a tea cosy . . .

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