Friday, 15 March 2013

Lemon Cake #Library Bakes 1

A couple of weeks ago I went and joined my local library - I wasn't sure what to expect and found a small but rather well stocked shelves.  Also to my delight, there are shelves upon shelves of Cookery books - some rather vintage, but lots of up-to-date ones.  So begins the first of a little series of blog posts I am calling 'Library Bakes'.  The first book that I have borrowed was the Hummingbird Bakery book - this is on my wish list, but thought I'd try out a recipe or too first.

After perusing the book with a cup of tea, I found a rather scrummy looking lemon cake - so decided to go with that.  I had a couple of lemons left over from the cake I'd baked a couple of weeks earlier - so I set to the baking task.  Whilst I was mixing everything together, I realised that it would not fit in the small loaf tin I had prepared - so I got out my huge bread tin - it only just fitted in!  Next time, maybe I might half the recipe or at least reduced it by a third.

The baking took ages - nearly an hour longer than the stated time.  This might have something to do with trying out the 'baking setting' on my oven, in which the heat is given out from the bottom of the oven instead of both the top and bottom.  Maybe because the bake was taking so long, the cake didn't really rise as magnificently as the photo in the book!

I then was a bit impatient of turning the cake of the tin (we had guests, who had just bought us their old sofa - so I couldn't wait for it to cool down!) and it probably didn't help that the cake had a syrup poured over after it came out of the oven.  Despite the mini disaster - it still tasted rather yummy and the Hummingbird Bakery book is definitely on my cookery book wish list!

Library Bakes Score Card

Book:  Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook
Author: Tarek Malouf
Publishers: Ryland, Peters and Small
Star Rating: 3/5
Positive: Beautiful pictures
Negative: Cake didn't look like the photo and issues with baking time


  1. oh poor you, I bet you didn't hold back eating it though!!! looks so yummy.

    1. Tee Hee - not just gave me the perfect excuse to cut extra big slices!