Thursday, 21 March 2013

Allotment Baby Knits

A while ago I sent a lovely parcel off to a friend who had just had twins - I didn't want to spoil the surprise, so I've waited to post this until I knew she had definitely received it.  I rather enjoyed this baby knitting project - as I had not one but two babies to knit for!  I decided to have a theme of allotments, as I know that they have a flourishing allotment and the babies would need to be wrapped up snugly to watch the digging and tending of the vegetables.

So I spent an afternoon (okay, maybe two or three) trawling Ravelry and finding vegetable themed hats - there are loads! However as I didn't know the sex of the babies, I decided to go for gender neutral colours.  I found a lovely 'Peas in a Pod' hat and a scrumptious 'Pumpkin' hat. They knitted up in an afternoon - however, after knitting I think that the pumpkin hat has more longevity in it, as it is slightly more forgiving on size.  The pea hat was very much a newborn size.  I had to include a close of my pea pod - they are crocheted peas - rather impressed with myself, as I usually end up in knots when I try and crochet :)  Might have to give my dream project of a granny square blanket a go soon!

I also found an easy pattern for baby booties - which I'm sure they will probably grow out of rather quickly, but looked cute and I knitted them to match the hats.

This probably should have been where I stopped knitting  however I had found a really cute pattern for a elephant  that I had to knit up with the new sock yarn I'd purchased on a whim.  By this time I knew there was one of each, so could knit a blue and a pink one, complete with crazy hair styles.

I am now rather at a loss, as I have no more babies to knit for (nor any likely to appear soon!) - let me know if you need a knitted baby gift - I've found this great Dalek pinafore that I am itching to try . . .

P.S. due to the discontinuing of Google Reader in July of this year - I have transferred my blog over to BlogLovin - come and join me there!

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