Tuesday, 12 February 2013

GBBO Tea Cakes

So this post is rather late - I made these tea cakes last October, but they never quite materialised into a blog post! Better late than never :-)

After seeing the technical challenge on GBBO, I just had to try these teatime treats.  It took a while to find the mould - Amazon ones were rather expensive, so thankfully I stumbled across a fab website called 'Sew White' where I could buy the mould at a more reasonable price (a cake pop kit may have fallen into my basket at the same time . . . still to make these!).

I had wanted to get a thermometer so that I could temper the chocolate correctly - the sugar thermometer in Lakeland didn't measure low enough temperatures and my bright of idea of the pharmacy was thwarted by them being out of stock.  So I decided to go it alone . . .

After heating up to temperature, mixing in the final handful of unmelted chocolate and bringing back up to temperature, I lined the mould trying to gauge how thick they would turn out . . .

Next was the marshmallow - delicious stuff and I may have had to check it with numerous tasting spoonfuls . . .

Then added it to the cooled chocolate shells:
Before topping with the chocolate covered home made digestives - I mis judged my cutter and mine were a tad smaller than they should of been.  I thought that they should sit inside the chocolate shell, rather than on top - must remember for next time. Ah well, just meant that needed to used extra chocolate - such a hardship!

Ta dah!! I had three perfect shiny ones and three with a small amount of blooming - not bad for ones made without a thermometer! (Also might have had something to do with me using cheap supermarket own brand chocolate - 35p stuff - just in case it all went wrong)

And a shot of the yumminess hiding inside (alongside a rather scrummy oat and raison cookie a la Faye!)


  1. Replies
    1. They were - but huge! Think next time I'm going to make mini ones in my cake pop mould. xxx

  2. Wow - I'm so impressed with you even attempting these - they looked a right faff!