Thursday, 7 February 2013

A Grown Up Sized Tank Top

After knitting a baby tank top back in September, PB (the other half!) mentioned that he would like one!  I dismissed it with the line 'I don't knit big projects', as I wasn't sure if I could face the length of time and number of stitches it would take - at least with baby clothes they can be started and finished in a weekend!

However, PB's birthday is 7 days after Christmas, so I always have to think of double the presents (I can't really talk as mine is 7 days after his!).  I trawled Ravelry and found a pattern called 'Peter Easy Tank Top' and took it as a sign that I should have a go.  Best of all it was free and I could knit it from a 400g ball of aran wool.

The first attempt was a bit of a disaster and despite carefully checking I got a twist in my knitting when I joined in the round.  There was no way to fix this apart from unravelling and starting again - I nearly couldn't face casting on of 204 stitches, but I did and then spent every spare moment knitting.

I took the opportunity to change my decision to add red stitches to the base of the Tank Top when I had to start again, as I wasn't keen on the look!

I added the red stripes to the centre of the tank top as when I compared the yardage I thought I would run out (I didn't in the end, but thought the red stripes looked rather striking!)

I didn't quite finish on time and had to wrap it up without the arm and neck edges finished - thankfully he didn't mind and I managed to finish it off only two weeks late!

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