Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Afternoon Tea - Engagement Party Number One

So to celebrate our engagement - PB's mum wanted to host an engagement party - thankfully my chief bridesmaid headed off on a six week holiday to Australian, so I had six weeks to prepare!  We decided on an Afternoon Tea theme - so started the hunt for some reasonably priced cardboard cake stands - I found these lovelies in a cheap home-wears shop for £2 each (yes, I did need three!)  I already had two cake stands and with the lovely vintage one my brother bought us, we were set!

Mini Scones with Jam and Cream

The 42 mini scones where the first thing I made - as I knew that I could bung them in the freezer - luckily we had just moved into our new place and bought a new fridge freezer - so I had the whole of the freezer to fill :-) A few days before were serious baking days - mini malteaser cakes from Nigella's recipe (the best chocolate cake ever!) two lots of cake mixture made over 40 mini cakes.  Mini Victoria Sponges (jam centre, swirl of vanilla icing, loveheart decoration and sparkles!), again two lots of cake mixture making over 40. 8 egg whites worth of Meringues (small dollops with food colouring swirls stuck together with raspberry cream), maybe I shouldn't have tried to whisk it up all in one bowl as I didn't get the peaks I was aiming for!  The coloured swirls on the meringues were created by dipping a cocktail stick in food colour and swirling in the mixture before they went in the oven - most of them worked and only a few collapsed due to the excess of colouring! Then my mum bought home-made mini Carrot Cakes and mini Lemon and Poppy Seed Cakes.

Mini Meringues with Raspberry Cream

L-R Carrot Cake, Malteaser Cake, Victorian Sponge, Lemon & Poppy Seed Cakes!
My Latest Cake Stand!
 And although I would of loved to have a cake feast - PB's mum made us some mini sandwiches - Brie and Grape, Ham and Mustard, Beef and Watercress, Creamy Chive Eggs, Smoked Salmon. Taking inspriation from the BBC GoodFood Website.

I then topped this off with a huge bowl of Party Rings :-)

It all went down a treat and I am now planning cakes for the second Engagement do up in Lancaster . . .

Many thanks to Hannah for the lovely photographs!

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