Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Bunny in the Brambles Tea Cosy

After commandeering our friend Mark and his van to help us move into our new place - I was tasked with the thank you present creation! I decided on a tea cosy, after hearing that their tea cosy was all naked - plus a perfect excuse to browse Ravelry for new tea cosy patterns.  I found this lovely one by Linsay Mudd and went ahead and bought my first pattern! She also has many more tea cosy patterns, that I will be sure to purchase and knit in time.

This was my first knitting from a chart - and it was mostly successful  although there are a couple of stitches round the wrong way! It knitted up rather quickly and I couldn't wait to go out and find beads for the blackberries, so I embroidered them instead with two strands of wool, one purple and one silvery black.  As usual I also knitted a lining, knitting plain matching pieces to the sides and top - thinks this makes a big difference and means Mr Bunny is flopping about!  For the eyes I used two white buttons with a tiny circle of black felt.

The bunny went down well and also fitted its destined tea pot (phew!)  Now to crack on with the Christmas knitting .  . .

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