Tuesday, 9 October 2012


The weekend before last felt rather odd - it was the first weekend in three years where I'd didn't feel like I should be reading something or organising the upcoming week. On the Friday I had finally finished my thesis and all I had left to do was print out and bind the 371 pages. Therefore I needed a project, so I had a Saturday trip to John Lewis to peruse its haberdashery department.

I wasn't disappointed - I got some wool for my next project and two lengths of material. One was for a birthday present - so going to have to wait until after I've given it, before I can blog about it. I also spied this lovely fabric that was just calling out to be made into pyjamas. I went with my gut instinct and bought 2 metres - as I hadn't checked to see how much my pattern needed as this wasn't technically on my list!

The pattern I used was from a book that I has picked up for £2.99 in The Works - rather good for hunting out that bargain crafty book. The only downside to the book is that their are multiple patterns printed on each of the tissue paper sheets in the patterns at the back - so I had to improvise and used baking paper to trace out the pyjama bottoms. They also only give a size small (with no measurements to let you know what that means) yet did state how much extra to add on for a medium and a large. So it was a bit of guessing game to make sure I had the right size. They were easy to sew up - however they were on the huge size and were really wide at the bottom yet they fitted at the top, so I decided to bring them in a bit on the inside seem. I then added some decorative ribbon around the bottom of each leg. As this pattern used elastic at the top I had also purchased some wide elastic whilst out - who knew there were so many different ones to choose from! In the end I went with 'pyjama elastic' as that sounded promising - however it is very soft and is probably for pyjamas when the elastic is external rather than encased within the waistband.

I'm not sure whether I will use this pattern again, as I made rather a lot of adjustments - think I may find myself a better pyjama pattern for next time. There are however some other promising patterns in the book - I've got my eye on the foldaway shopping bag!

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