Sunday, 28 October 2012

Pleat Detail Dress - Creative Open Workshop

Last Christmas I was given a voucher for a workshop of my choice at the Creative Open Workshop in Birmingham. As the voucher had a life of twelve months I thought that would be plenty of time to find a workshop I wanted to go to and the time to do it in!  I kept an eye on the monthly workshop list that kept being posted - numerous things caught my eye, screen printing, bag making, jewellery,dressmaking - but they never seemed to correspond with the weekends that I was up in the West Midlands!  After submitting my thesis, I decided that I needed to make an effort to book my place.  I'd picked my date of Saturday 13 October and hoped that I would be interested in the the workshop that fell on that date - it was for a Pleat Detail Dress.  Not a style of dress I would usually pick, but I decided to go for it and emailed the lovely Francine to book my place.

I already had some fabric to take, that I had bought on a whim a few months before.  If I ever buy fabric without having a project in mind, I try to buy 3 metres so that I will have plenty.  This dress only needed 2 metres and with careful cutting out, I'm not sure I even used that much! So plenty left over for another project.  The dress itself was very simple, one front piece, two back pieces and then a decorative panel for the front.  I took my time and tried to make sure that the flowers match up on each of the pieces - being guided through this dressmaking made me a lot more careful with the pining and measuring!!

Halfway through our workshop we were presented with a chocolate cupcake and a top up cup of tea, served in a beautiful tea cup - definitely my kind of workshop!  I managed to finish my dress apart from sewing the last bit of bias binding, which I did at home.  The dress fits and I was really pleased with the end result - although it definitely needed the added belt to give it a bit of shape.  As we got to keep our pattern, I'm sure I will make another in the future.

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