Thursday, 11 October 2012

Peg Bag Apron

I've been thinking about making a peg bag for ages - for the past few years my pegs have had to make do with an empty Cart D'or tub, which didn't really work as I had too many pegs and the lid wouldn't close! The only thing about making a peg bag that put me off, was the fact that I'd have to find a small coat hanger - however much I kept my eyes open for one I hadn't found one so far.

Then I came up with the idea of creating a peg bag apron.  As I had a free afternoon I decided to make my own pattern.  I used a couple of pages from the free newspapers that come through the door - I fractionally made the width of the double page spread smaller and drew a semi-circle with elongated straight bits for the back of the apron.  The front was a piece of the same size, but its corners were cut out with a circular line - this would form the openings to the pocket when sewn together.  I then cut out a rectangle for an extra pocket on the front and also a guide for the waist-band and tie.

I cut two pieces from each pattern from contrasting materials.  I decided that I wanted a detail on the front of the pocket, so used a wide zig-zag stitch on the machine to appliqué a heart on to one piece of the pocket, before sewing together both bits of the pocket, turned inside out and pressed.  I then sewed the pocket in the middle of the front piece of the apron, before sewing the inside and the outside together for both the back and the front of the apron.  I had a bit of interfacing leftover from another project, so added this to the back piece, just to give it a bit of stability.  After turning the right side out and pressing, I pinned together the back and the front of the apron, before sewing along the top and round the side.  The waist band was then pinned on, right sides facing and in line with the top edge of the apron - so that when folded up and over it created the waist band, which was then stitched in place with another line of external stitching.

After seeing what I'd been up to all afternoon, my mum requested her own - only fair as I had raided her fabric stash to make mine!

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