Monday, 29 October 2012

Macmillan Daffodil Tea Cosy

I started knitting this tea cosy as I liked the big oversized daffodil on the top (daffodils being my favourite type of flowers - debating if we can have them as wedding flowers, certainly bring that bill down!) But I didn't have a home in mind for it - then I noticed that my friend Heather was having a Macmillan Coffee Morning at her cafe in Windermere (Coffee Bar 7 - pop in for a friendly welcome, local knowledge and home-made soup!), so I asked if she would like a donation for a raffle prize. I thought this was an apt home for the tea cosy as it had been designed for Australia's Biggest Coffee Morning by Loani Proir.

I had a bit of a tricky start with this pattern as it seems there is a typo on the second page - it instructs you to knit on 8mm needles - after knitting for a while and having very loose knitting I decided that it must be wrong and read the 'equipment needed' at the start of the pattern, where it states you need 5mm needles and no mention of 8mm.  So I decided it must be a mistake, untravelled my knitting and started again.  When I got to the end of the pattern I felt that the tea cosy was on the short side, so I knitted 12 extra rounds on both the outside and inside pieces.  The daffodil was easy to knit up and looked very striking.  Although the tea cosy started out being a bit tricky, I was rather pleased with the end result and am please to add it to my tea cosy repertoire!

I've also knitted owl and rose garden tea cosies and a cafetiere cosy!  I've got my eye on a few that I have found on Raverly

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