Monday, 15 October 2012

Baby Tank Top & Cafetiere Cosy

So the news that my friend had a baby boy in the middle of September meant that I had a perfect excuse to go and buy a baby knitting book.  Although the title of the book is a bit misleading - 'What to Knit When You Are Expecting' - there should be an astrix of *or have friends who are!!  I picked this title up in my local Works for under a fiver, bargain - I was particularly drawn in by the baby snug, which I shall endeavour to make in the future.  The only downside of the book, and I find this with ALL knitting books I own or look at, they use the MOST expensive yarn - for the tank top I was supposed to use something that cost £5 a ball, bringing the project in at over £20! Thankfully I found a Patons alternative for a total project cost of £3, with enough wool left over to probably knit another tank top!  As an added bonus this version is machine washable :-)

This project knitted up very quickly and I managed to knit correctly on double-pointed-needles without the knitting being inside out - hurrah! I was slightly apprehensive about the knitting in of the arm and neck borders.  After knitting the arm borders in, I was confident to knit the neck border and although I didn't manage to pick up the number of stitches the pattern dictated - you wouldn't know.  So as my first baby knit, I am rather pleased - I knitted size 6-12 months, so it very probable that it will be far too big for the nearly 1 month old - but plenty of wriggle room!

My other knitting project that I finished this week was a Cafetiere Cosy from a fab book called 'Purls of Wisdom' - I didn't have the right thickness of yarn, so I used two different greys to knit together and they added up to the right 'chunky' weight that was required.  I then used three of the lovely red/pink buttons that came free on the front of Mollie Makes a while ago - they look really striking and I think I shall be knitting a second one for myself . . .

I also had a nudge from a friend to finally join Ravelry and have spent an enjoyable morning queueing up projects that I want to make in the future!  I can't believe that I haven't joined before.  I also had an inspired idea in order to remember what size my double-jointed-needles are - by cutting two slits in an old postcard and then writing on the postcard what size the needles are - sorted!

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