Tuesday, 18 September 2012

White Tin Loaf & Carrot and Walnut Cupcakes

As the next two weeks are going to be rather hectic finishing my PhD and doing all the time consuming things like printing and binding, I decided to have Sunday off and spend the day baking.  I had to use the fabulous new bread book from Paul Hollywood, that had been in my bed time reading pile for ages (I'm not the only one who reads cookery books before bed am I?).

After my rather successful attempt (if I do say so myself) of the 8 plaited loaf, I decided to go back to basics and try a white tin loaf.  This time I had my scales so could measure the tiny amounts accurately - I thought! - somehow the salt I was using was very light and I ended up putting in a huge amount.  I did question this at the time, but thought, no follow the recipe and believe your scales.  Big mistake - my sandwiches today were rather salty.

Then I had issues with the dough taking ages to rise - even with putting it a warm airing cupboard.  In the end I left it on top of the oven which was heating up to cook it! After a bit of googling today I found this fab site that suggested that I hadn't kneaded my dough for long enough and therefore there wasn't enough gluten in the dough.  I am going to have to invest in a stronger pair of arms!

First attempt at the White Tin Loaf 
So although the photo of bread looks rather splendid it didn't make my lunchbox as scrummy as I had hoped!  Lots of things learnt for my next attempt though.

Second attempt at the White Tin Loaf!
Thankfully the Carrot and Walnut cupcakes that I made were delicious.  They were adapted from Rachel Allen's 'Bake' - well I say adapted, they were supposed to be a tray bake and I put them in muffin cases.  The cream cheese frosting is amazing, really light.  I shall be putting these on the make again list and I personally count them as one of my five a day - I grated a huge pile of carrots for these cakes, something my guinea-pig was not impressed to find they were not for him!

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  1. The carrot and walnut cupcakes sound amazing.