Monday, 17 September 2012

Paralympic Closing Ceremony T-Shirts

In the great lottery that was applying for London 2012 tickets, my boyfriend did rather well and we went to see various events at both the Olympics and the Paralympics.  Then to put the cherry on top of our experience we also had Paralympic Closing Ceremony tickets - I decided that this called for special T-Shirts to celebrate.  Over the course of London 2012, we'd got rather into pin collecting - after PB had managed to get his hands on a closing ceremony pin, I decided to use it as my inspiration.

I decided that on the back should be a cauldron, as it was so beautiful. I made this by using ribbon for the stalks and then felt petals, with plenty of glitter glue to make things sparkle.  Although it took longer I sewed everything on, as I felt that would be easier that trying to glue - had tot be careful that I didn't sew both sides together - there were a few near misses!

Then for the front I used fabric paint for the stadium, ribbons sewn on, stars glued on and glitter glue musical notes.  The 2012 logo, I cut out of felt and glued on - glad I made effort to do the extra little bits of colour, as it really made it stand out.  The mascots were on there by pure chance, after popping into The Entertainer I found they were having a 70% and buy one get one free - therefore I could get two key rings for each Tshirt.  They we a bit on the fat side though, so I performed mascot surgery and took most of the stuffing out, therefore they would lie flat when sewn on.

And here are the finished T-shirts - we got quite a few comments and even some requests to take pictures of them!  

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  1. I love these! You both look great and dare I say it, they're better than most of the official t-shirts I saw!