Friday, 14 September 2012

GBBO Week Three - Treacle Tart

Okay so I'm rather behind on this post - I blame trying to finish my PhD thesis ready for submission at the end of September and spending my weekends at the Paralympics!

The recipe can be found in the current GBBO Showstoppers book - it's a bit different to other treacle tart recipes that I have made before, as it contains lemon juice and rind.  I really like this addition as it meant that the tart wasn't as sweet as it usually is.

I made my own pastry - although did't leave it in the fridge to chill for long enough, so it kept breaking up.  I also only had just enough left over to do the lattice.  The recipe is very simple, melt the golden syrup, add the lemon juice and rind and then a mountain of breadcrumbs!  I had to use slightly more than the recipe suggested, but then I was using Kingsmill bread - I guess if you used a fresh loaf, you would need less.

The lattice I wove together whilst on top of some grease-proof paper, then I could flip it over onto the top of the tart and adjust as necessary! I shall make all my treacle tart with this additional decoration - really makes it look like a tea-time pudding - especially with a dollop of cream on the side.


  1. your posts always make me feel hungry! looks delicious as always x

  2. Thanks - although I need to find time to write up my non-baking posts!