Tuesday, 21 August 2012

GBBO Week One - Upside Down Cake

So at 8pm last Tuesday evening I was sat in front of my TV eagerly awaiting the new series of the Great British Bake Off.  I thought it was a tough first week and now it's in its third series, the bakes are getting a bit more complicated.  I really wanted to create a 'Surprise Cake' and had even drawn some sketches of a carrot cake I wanted to bake - the surprise being that when you cut into it, the carrot cake bit was in the shape of carrots, with plain sponge surrounding it! I had even drawn out templates to fit my loaf tin, but sadly I didn't have enough time to realise my idea - maybe sometime in the future.

The technical challenge didn't really appeal to me either - not very keen on alcohol in cakes and didn't think the Rum Ba Ba's would work with a fruit juice substitute.  So that left me with the 'Upside Down Cake' - I decided to make a summer berries one, as there is loads of yummy fruit in the supermarket.  Although I have the latest GBBO cookery book, I found this very simple recipe on the BBC good food website.  I used fresh berries instead of frozen ones and also decided to create a Victoria Sponge rather than just one cake - getting a bit creative with my pattern of blueberries and strawberries on to the top layer.

I had a bit of a disaster as just as I had finished dolloping the cake mixture on top of my carefully arranged berries I noticed the huge tin of Golden Syrup on the side - I'd forgotten to put the golden syrup on top of the berries.  There was a small part of me that thought maybe I could scrap the mixture off - but quickly realised this was not going to happen.  I decided to bake the cake until it was firm enough that it could be turned out and then add the syrup, before putting back in the tin and back in the oven to finish off cooking!

After they had finished cooling I layered up the cakes with a layer of buttercream - I was toying with using fresh cream, but felt the cake wouldn't last as long.  Next time I also wouldn't use strawberries, as although they make a pretty pattern they lost a lot of their colour - maybe raspberries would have been better!

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