Thursday, 26 July 2012

Wenlock and Mandeville Cupcake Toppers

Whilst doing my weekly shop in Morrisons I couldn't help picking up two sheets of Olympic Mascot stickers - a bargain at 58p each.  I wasn't entirely sure what I was going to do with them, but hey those one-eyed monsters are rather cute - so I knew that I would find a use for them.

After pondering for a few days, I had a idea to make my own cupcake toppers (not sure if that is what they are - kinda just made up the name!).  After I had finally remembered where my cocktail sticks were and had located some scraps of pretty orange and blue paper I could begin. They are the easiest thing ever to make - I stuck the cocktail stick in the right place on the back of the sticker and then the sticker on to the plain side of my backing paper.  Then I just had to cut the sticker out - I found this was easier the closer you could put the bottom of the sticker lined up with the bottom edge of the paper.  Ta-dah! All finished, they didn't take very long at all - just enough time to watch The One Show.  Thinking of making a blue jelly to put the water stickers in . . . .

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