Friday, 6 July 2012

Olympic Torch Weekend part 2

So I'd found the perfect cupcakes to make for PB's Olympic Torch BBQ - I just needed a stand to display them on . . . A bit of hunting around and I found I could buy all sorts of cupcake stands in all sorts of sizes.  Just before I purchased a read-made one, I had a fab idea - I should make my own in the shape of the Olympic Torch!!  A bit of thinking and sketching out of different ideas and I was ready to make a miniature, a series of triangles and use of a protractor (haven't used one of these since school - I guess all that geometry drawing finally came in useful!).

Although I was rather pleased that it worked, there were far too many sections to cut out for my liking and the top didn't look very 'flame-like', so I had a few alterations to make to the full size version.  I was rather pleased with the result though.

Then came the fun part of spraying everything gold - plus I didn't use the whole can, so I guess I shall be keeping my eyes peeled for things that 'need' a coat of gold paint!  After waiting the recommended 30 minutes for it to be touch dry - why does paint always seem to take AGES to dry. I assembled my cupcake stand - okay maybe the paint wasn't quite dry enough, as I did get rather a lot of gold paint on my hands . . .
Next was the tissue paper and glue stage - I had SO MUCH FUN - adding yellow dye from the tissue paper to my already gold hands! Thankfully, as the cardboard was very sturdy I didn't need the tissue paper to add any strength, just the flame effect, hence why I had also sprayed the flame bits gold.  So that the gold would show through the tissue paper and not because I got carried away with the spray paint - I promise!  I finished off the tissue paper flame with some gold and red glitter glue I'd got especially.

Whilst the flame was drying I needed to work out how I was going to attach the punchinella (the posh name for the rolls of 'sequin waste') to the torch bit of my cupcake stand.  I decided in the end to attach it horizontally - this did involve some interesting folding at the corners to get it lie flat, due to the triangular shape.  Each strip was held in place with staples.  The finishing touch was to add a 2012 logo to the front of Torch (more spray painting!).

PB and I decided that to add to the suspense that the cake stand would transform half way through the BBQ - therefore, when people arrived it looked like this:

Then when everyone was ready for pudding (thankfully there was a sunny patch and I sent everyone outside) I added the flame and piled up the Olympic Torch Cupcakes on top.  I was rather pleased with the result, although do fear that from now on PB is going to expect three-coloured iced cupcakes and a personalised stand for every occasion!

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