Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Olympic Torch Weekend Part 1

This past weekend the Olympic Torch passed through the West Midlands - therefore it was a packed weekend  of sightings and celebrations.  The Saturday started VERY early (i.e. before 7am, not recommended!) as I had got tickets to go and see 'Blue Peter's Big Olympic Tour' in West Park in Wolverhampton - all in the name of research, yet I did get PB to find us a child to take, so that we didn't look like complete nutters!  Borrowed child was nearly 13 and I think we were more excited than she was - ah well, I think she enjoyed herself.  Although watching Blue Peter live was an interesting experience, the highlight of the morning was watching the 'Horrible Histories' crew perform 'Flame' - a song about the history of the Olympics set to the music of 'Fame'.
After returning borrowed child, we set off to the Black Country Museum as I had won tickets in the ballot to watch the Torch pass through the museum.  As there were only 1500 on site it was delightful experience and no need to stake out a spot as we had all been allocated an area to stand in, with enough room for everyone to be one deep! Although PB had already seen the Torch, this was my first live viewing of the relay in action - it was amazing, although these Torch Bearer's run fast!

After this packed day it was off home to bake some cupcakes for our Olympic Torch BBQ on Sunday - I had found this amazing tutorial for Olympic Torch Cupcakes at the Blue Door Bakery.  After my practice with my Jubilee Cupcakes and hunting out of EDIBLE GOLD GLITTER and gold cupcake cases, I felt very prepared!  We decided that the cupcake/icing/flavour ratio wasn't quite right on the Jubilee Cupcakes and thought that Lemon and Poppy Seed would be a good combination for the Torch Cupcakes.  I used the Lemon and Poppy Seed recipe on the Good Food website - although I always add in more poppy seeds, as I don't think a tablespoon is enough.  Plus, I never bother to toast the poppy seeds - I did the very first time I made them and burnt the poppy seeds!
I also experimented with using 'Flora Cuisine' instead of butter - worked fine, although it was very tricky to see how much I had squirted into my mixture as it's a thick liquid that takes a while to settle.  It would have been fine if I had been in my own kitchen with my digital scales!
 The cupcakes did rise rather more than I was expecting, but this worked out well in the end, as it helped support the icing.  I spooned in the three colours - red, orange and yellow - into the icing bag and then swirled them onto the tops of the cupcakes.  Then the decorating with glitter and suitably coloured sprinkles could begin! This was rather fun and I think that I can foresee my cupcake glitter collection growing considerably.

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