Friday, 27 July 2012

Olympic Mascot Cupcakes

Were you ringing bells at 8.12am this morning? I was, although the only bells I could find in the whole of my cottage were two very tiny ones on my 'Christmas' earrings - they made a jolly little sound though - couldn't hear anything when I stepped outside my front door though.  Also enjoyed seeing the flame being carried on the Royal Barge this morning (albeit on the television this time) - it is an exquisite vessel.

For our Olympic Opening Ceremony Tea I had promised PB another cakey creation - I think he had visions of me building the Olympic Stadium out of cake - but I wanted to create some of my own cupcakes to compliment the ones I made for the Torch Relay.  I wanted them to be mascot themed - but decided that I would have to concentrate on their face rather than trying to create a 3D mascot.  First of all I drew the face of each mascot onto scrap paper, when I was happy I traced it on to thin card - both the head and then a eye for each mascot. (I shall add some more photo's when I've uploaded them from my camera!)  With my templates ready it was time to choose the flavour for my cupcakes - I wanted to do chocolate, but also make them both with a twist, so came up with Mint Chocolate for Mandeville and Chocolate Orange for Wenlock :-)
I used a simple chocolate cake recipe from Rachel Allen's 'Bake'and substituted the plain chocolate with either the mint chocolate or orange chocolate - the smell was delicious, but I was nbsp;good and didn't eat too much of the mixture.  Whilst they were cooling I kept both batches separate so they wouldn't get muddled up.  Then on to the icing - normal butter-cream with added colouring and a few drops of mint essence for the Mandeville cupcakes, I was also going to add orange juice to the Wenlock ones, but I'd forgotten to pick up an orange.  After choosing an open nozzle for my piping bag I was ready for icing - not until I had iced all of one batch of cakes when I'd realised I'd just iced the chocolate orange cupcakes with mint icing  . . . I could have cried! However, I managed to scrap off nearly all of the icing and ice the correct cupcakes the second time round.

The mascot were made from cutting round my templates on rolled out royal icing, dusting with silver dust before attaching the eye made from a thinner piece of royal icing.  I thought they needed a little bit extra so used food colouring and painted on some accents - this has run a little bit, but adds to the overall impression.  Then I stuck the finished mascots on to the corresponding cupcakes. I am rather pleased with the overall look of the cupcakes . . . think I may have overdone it when it's only tea for two!!

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