Monday, 16 July 2012

Chocolate Decadence Cookies

This weekend's baking definitely had to be something chocolatey, as PB had been complaining that I only bake chocolatey cakes when visiting friends . . . he has kind of got a point, but I'm sure baking chocolate cakes and cookies all the time would have a detrimental affect on our waistlines - at least by baking fruity cakes I pretend they are 'healthy'. . .

I bought 'Chewy, Gooey, Crispy, Crunchy, Melt-in-your-mouth Cookies' by Alice Medrich a year or so ago, after being sucked in by the name of the book.  The book is okay, although I've only done a handful of recipes from it, as there is a distinct lack of pictures.  I always find to easier to measure the success of bake if there is a picture to compare it to at the end - this might be why I've only baked the cookies that have pictures in the book (although this does run the risk of me having a grump if they they don't turn out like the picture).  A set of cups is needed for the easiest use of this book, as all measurements are American and working out British equivalent to 'sticks of butter' is essential.

I made the Chocolate Decadence Cookies - in the book they are called 'Bittersweet Chocolate...' however, I used supermarket value plain chocolate and they were still very yummy!  I also swapped the pecans for walnuts, as they are cheaper and I'd already used a whole bag of pecans in the Banana and Pecan Fudge cake I made last week.  I made half as the recipe suggested and then the second half I mixed in some dried cranberries - rather scrummy.

The recipe said it yielded 30 - 36 cookies and I nearly halved the quantities.  I'm glad I didn't as I only managed to get 23 cookies - think I may have made mine on the larger size, but they were no means giant.  Still small enough to have at least two with an afternoon cuppa and not feel guilty :-)

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