Monday, 9 July 2012

Apple Whole Wheat Muffins

There was a day last week where everybody on my facebook newsfeed was baking cakes.  Thus,  I was inspired to go home and do some baking - I had a fruit bowl full of apples that were steadily becoming past their best.  So I hunted down a recipe for some Apple Muffins that I wouldn't have to buy too many ingredients for - I found this fabulous recipe on the Smitten Kitchen website and picked up a carton of yoghurt on my way home, as I thought this was the only ingredient I didn't have.

Almost had a disaster, when I realised that my jar of cinnamon was up in Wolverhampton (the curse of baking in numerous kitchens!).  All was okay when I found I had a stick of cinnamon in old mulled cider spice pack.  Then I had to work out how to make it into a powder without the aid of pestle and mortar - my options, I decided were to try the small side of the cheese grater or a hammer from my tool kit.  In the end I started off with the grater and then finished off the rest with the hammer :-) great fun! Although my guinea-pig was not impressed with all the noise ...

Disaster averted, I carried on with the recipe, deciding to use my silicon cupcake cases.  Although I had to give them a good wash first - however hard I try to wash and dry the cases, they always seem to grow mould whilst in the cupboard, not quite sure why!  Any one else have this problem?  I had some mixture left over, so filled a few paper cases as well.  This was a very quick bake - 15-20 minutes - forgot to set my timer, so nearly had crispy Apple Muffins! When I got them out of the oven, the the cakes in the paper cases had risen beautifully, but the ones in the silicon cases had not.  Now, this might have been because I didn't fill the silicon cases with enough mixture, but I didn't think I did, as I wouldn't have made the extra ones if I could have shared it out between the original cakes.  Or maybe it had something to do with the silicon cases themselves - ah well, still not convinced on the silicon cake case front.  Also you have to watch people like a demented hawk to make sure that they don't throw away the case and that you can retrieve it in order to use again.  Ah well, perfect excuse to keep buying pretty paper cases when I see them.

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