Thursday, 21 June 2012

Morning Owl Tea Cosy number 2

Not much to add, as my last post about this knitting pattern says everything really! Although I have learnt one thing - I'm not very good at knitting whilst trying to watch television - came to sew the two main bits of the body together and found they were completely different sizes! That frustrating feeling when you know that the only thing to do is unravel and start again - thankfully tea cosies are not that big. Going to be popping this owl in the post tomorrow to send off to my grandma, so she can give it as a birthday present to her friend. Just been looking up new tea cosy patterns - lots added to my eBay wish list.

UPDATE 21 June 2012
Just had a card from my Grandma thanking me for the Owl Tea Cosy - she loves it so much that she is keeping it for herself! She doesn't even really drink tea!

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