Monday, 4 June 2012

Jubilee Cupcakes!

After spending the weekend in London with friends, seeing a very interesting exhibition 'The Queen in Art and Image' at the National Portrait Gallery on the Saturday. Then getting up super super early on the Sunday to get a good position on the bank of the River Thames, by 8am we had our spot and set in for waiting in the rain for the Jubilee River Pageant. A rather soggy day, but completely worth it - a spectacular day and one that I will remember for a long time.

With all these festivities I did wonder if I would manage to any baking for the jubilee. I'd seen a blog entry for some Olympic Torch cupcakes from the Blue Door Bakery and decided they could tweaked to become jubilee cupcakes. So a trip to purchase some red and blue food colouring and a batch of vanilla cupcakes baked, then I was ready to ice.

As I didn't have a pint glass to rest the empty icing bag in, I cut the top off a squash bottle to use instead. Then I carefully spooned in red, white and blue into one icing bag. Then I swirled the icing onto the cupcakes. Good training for when I make the olympi torch cupcakes for PB's Olympic Torch Party when it travels through the West Midalnds. The cupcakes were the best cakes to be eating whilst watching the Jubilee Concert on the BBC.

God Save The Queen!

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