Sunday, 20 May 2012

Wedding Memories Book

No, not my wedding (just yet!), but the weddings that I (and PB) have attended and those we will attend in the future.  I love collecting things, tickets, menus, stickers, programmes, I could go on! So I often end up with bags full of random crap. This year I (well by the end of May) will have attended three weddings - a perfect opportunity to collect stuff for my collection. To keep a memory of all the weddings that I have attended and hope to attend, I decided to find a scrap book to create my Wedding Memories scrap book.

I found this lovely simple square brown paper spiral bound book in paperchase and also got a packet of their photo fixers. I always keep an eye out for lovely postcards and found a suitable wedding themed one to stick on the front.

So the first wedding to go into the book was PB's cousins that we attended last year. It took a while to find, but I still had the invitation, order of service, place names and thank you card - so these were all arranged stuck over two pages.

I picked up a beautiful 'married in 2012' postcard the other week for a friend who is getting married at the end of May, but found an even better card this weekend - so the postcard is going on the next page and I will hunt out one for each subsequent year. The first wedding in was PB's university friend, next his mum's and then one of my uni friend's wedding - only have the invite so far - very much looking forward to it :)

Hopefully this will serve as a reminder of all the weddings that I and PB attend over the coming years and will keep the archivist inside me happy! Ooh I could get into creating different scrap books for all occasions . . . maybe a cinema ticket one would be a good idea . . .

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