Monday, 14 May 2012

Sticky Gingerbread

A bit late with putting up this post and I've already eaten two large slices of this sticky gingerbread, the second with a generous gulg of double cream. The recipe is from the first Great British Bake Off recipe book. It's a good job the gingerbread is so scrummy, otherwise I wouldn't make it again - so many different mixing bowls and saucepans! I may not of been of patient as I should have been after warming some of the ingredients. You were suppose to wait until it had cooled to luke warm - I didn't, but I don't think that it made too much different. The only problem I did have was that my tin was slightly too small. When I opened the oven half way through to check on the gingerbread and it was spewing its guts out - so I closed the oven and ignored it - waiting it clean the oven till after it had finished baking. . .

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