Sunday, 13 May 2012

Needle Felt Doglet

So I may be a little late to the party, but I've finally had a go at needle felting! It is a fab crafty way to spend an evening and the results are pretty fab. I think this will definitely go on my list of crafty things I do again. My instructions were taken from last month's Mollie Makes - I always try and make one thing out the magazine (the is my way of justifying my subscription!) and ever since I picked up last month's mag, I knew that I had to have a go at the cute little Doglets on the front cover.

The hunt was on for an affordable needle felting kit and some of the wondrous fluff. I found a fabulous site, Gilliangladrag, which has the perfect starter kit. Then, whilst in Hobbycraft the other weekend I picked up a needle felting pen - which makes it very easy to do small delicate bits.

Then came the actual making, folding the fluff into the rough shape and then stabbing the wool until it starts to firm up. The needles have kinks in them, so that the fibres are agitated and made to matt together. I nearly had a bit of crisis at the beginning, as it took a while to start to take shape. In the end I had the main body and could add on all the features and decoration.

My pooch came out somewhat bigger than the examples in Mollie Makes - but he is rather cool and I'm looking forward to making him some friends. Thankfully I'm back at my mum's next weekend and can pick up my awaiting parcel of wool, that I ordered off eBay. PB (my boyfriend) suggested that I should add antlers to make reindeer Christmas decorations - look out for that post nearer Christmas!

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