Sunday, 6 May 2012

Malteaser Muffins

For my first baking addition to my blog (plus I wanted an excuse to wear my new Cath Kidston apron!), I decided to go with a tried and tested recipe - Nigella's Malteaser Cake from her book 'Feast'. This is fast becoming a fast favourite - any chocolate cake with Malteasers has to be a winner. This time though, instead of baking a whole cake I made a dozen muffins. This meant that I could have fun with my icing bag and pipe those swirls on top of the malted chocolate cake. The secret ingredient to create that unmistakable taste is a few tablespoons of Horlicks in the cake mixture and icing. They travel surprising well and I managed to transport my six on the train journey with minimal squish-age! Only five left now and although a gooey cake, they were rather scrummy - not sure I will keep to my one a day rationing...

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