Thursday, 24 May 2012

A Cake Quartet

So just a short entry - which probably doesn't equate to the amount of cake baked! So a weekend with six of my girlie friends from university in a cottage in the Lake District, for the wedding of another university friend called for some serious baking. Okay, so maybe four cakes was a bit over the top - who knew cakes where so heavy, gave my poor arms a work out on the numerous trains I had to catch today (why do they always change the platform at the last minute, when you have really heavy bags!).

I started with a Cherry and Almond cake, with added sultanas as didn't quite have enough cherries left. I love this recipe, it always comes out lovely - even if I did forget to put the bicarbonate of soda in!

Then it was on to the Malteaser cake - now I have a rule of not baking a cake more than once, as I don't want to get to the point where I always bake the same cake. However, this was baked in a different tin, so gets round this self imposed rule!

I had two very sorry looking bananas that I had saved for cake making, so whipped up a banana cake with added chocolate chunks. Then I had a quandary, as four cakes seemed a little excessive, yet I had some rhubarb and really wanted to make this rhubarb and ginger cake . . . Didn't take long to decide to make it :) cake was easy to make, melt some of the ingredients together and mix in everything else, how I love uncomplicated recipes. The cake doesn't look that appealing, it is very sunken in the middle and too ages to cook. However, it tastes divine - think crystallised ginger is the way forward in every cake that requires ginger in the future. Also, a couple of slices of this cake may just disappear over tea and cake with my grandma, who I'm visiting on the way to the wedding.

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